Oahu Surf/Wind Recreational Forecast

The Web site is at NWS Marine Forecast page.

The main reason this site has been removed is due to public safety for all of the people who go to the beach. Between 1993-1997, 238 people drowned, both locals and tourists. Public safety is paramount to try to mitigate the number of people killed or who suffer serious inuries each year. It has been shown many times that if the public hears a consistent message regarding hazardous weather conditions, they take appropriate protective actions. However, if the public receives conflicting messages, they disregard the conflicting messages and do not take the appropriate actions. This creates a highly dangerous situation. Therefore, to avoid conflicting information to the public and for public safety, this site has been terminated.

This site was hosted by the School of Ocean, Earth, Science and Technology (SOEST) at the University of Hawaii (UH). However, the reason for the forecast termination does not involve SOEST/UH. Please do not send email to SOEST.