The following NOAA supported UHSLC sea level stations are reporting real-time sea level from GLOSS sites as part of the JCOMM and CLIVAR efforts. These are their records of the December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. This data have been filtered both mechanically and over time and should not be used to infer the absolute heights of the tsunami

Colombo      6-59N  79-51E Diego Garcia 7-14S  72-26E Port Louis  20-09S  57-30E Rodrigues   19-40S  63-25E Male         4-11N  73-31E Gan          0-41S  73-09E Salalah     15-56N  54-00E Hanimaadhoo  6-46N  73-10E Pt. La Rue   4-40S  55-32E Lamu         2-16S  40-54E Zanzibar     6-09S  39-11E

Select station from map for real-time data display. Click on the selected sea level time series plot to expand. Click on MAP in lower left corner of the sea level time series plot to return to the station selection map. Units of sea level are in cm, time is in days of December 2004.

Select residual plots (tides removed) by utilizing the respective buttons at the bottom of the time series plots.

Author: Bernie Kilonsky
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